The Band

StarWound is an Anglophone band based in Athens. The band has introduced the music genre of “rock cabaret” in Greece. The context of their lyrics is a philosophical and social reflection on the current human state. 
Their debut album “Miles to Walk”– a comment on the Greek financial and social crisis, was released in September 2015.

Since then:
• They have participated in many famous Greek Festivals such as the “River Party” at Nestorio, “Aisxyleia”in Athens, CLAE Festival in Luxembourg, Culturescapes in Switzerland and Colora Festival in Belgium.
• They have performed in 13 cities in Switzerland, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, having given concerts at important music venues like “Sounds Jazz Club”, “Jazzcafe Dizzy”, “Jamboree” and “Blues-Sphere”.
• Many songs of the album “Miles to Walk” have been featured on many major FM radio stations in Greece. Their song “Buy Me” entered Radio Pepper 96,6 hotlist (one of the most popular radios in Athens) and was also included in the station’s Playlist of the month, for January 2016.
• Many European FM radio station such as “World Radio” (CH), “Ara City” (LX) and “Alma Radio” (BL) play their songs.
• StarWound have ranked amongst 150 bands at the “YourBand” contest of the National Greek Radio and TV Company (ERT).
• Several important newspapers and magazines, like “Jazztime” (CH), “De havenloods” (NL), “Ta Nea”, “Athens Voice”, “Avopolis”, “Efsyn” (GR) have published articles and interviews with StarWound.
• In PSM Barinas University of Venezuela, they use their music as part of their lessons.
StarWound’s second studio album ‘So Wrong” was released in Spring 2018 and consists of eight original songs.

Since November 2018, their frontwoman is EVE, a persona of their singer and their shows have obtained a more theatrical character, using pre-recordings and spoken texts. Her first show was named “Eternally”.