So Wrong - Lyrics 

So Wrong

Music: P. Bouras / Lyrics: K. Stavropoulou

Name – like an old affair

Voice – always calm and fair

Face – you just want to share

After dark you can find me everywhere

Lost – in the name of love

Pure – and white as a dove

Hand – always dressed in glove

I don’t think there is something up above

I don’t think I deserve even a bit more…

Why it’s so wrong

Not to belong

I’m not stubborn, but I suffer

I’ll kill them all

I can’t protect

What they neglect

I’m not worried if I’m buried

Before them

True – it is all a mess

But – there is more in less

I can always climb the fence

What I know I just can’t forget, I guess

Once – I used to have ideals

Now, I make disturbing deals

Still – I wander how it feels

To become part of what the world reveals

To admit, proud and loud, that you’ve been fooled for years!

Why it’s so wrong

Not to belong

I’m not stubborn, but I suffer

I’ll kill you all

I can’t protect

What you neglect

I’m not worried if I’m buried

Before you

What have I become?

A charming little scum

I know I am the case

The time will soon erase

Name – like an old…

Voice – always calm….

Face – you just want….

I don’t think there is something up above

To admit, proud and loud, that you’ve been….!

Why it’s so wrong…

The days you sold

Music/Lyrics: K. Stavropoulou

What is your favorite time of the day?

Is it when I’m near or when I’m away?

What is your favorite time of the day?

Mine is the moment when the sky is all grey…

This is my favorite time of the day

When I imagine that you’re here to stay

I have no other way to say this

My life is grey, still the grey I miss

What is the reason for feeling ashamed

Of wanting to leave you, when you want the same?

When is the right time to say “now it’s done”?

Admit that we’re broken and everything’s gone

Afar from my face, apart from my soul

I’ll keep all the memories from the days you sold!

There is no sunlight during the day

Since you and your shadows have stepped in my way

Show me whatever you have in your mind

Maybe there’s still love and I am just blind

I will keep trying to fix your mistakes

I’ve promised you I’ll do whatever it takes

Now it’s the right time that you let me breathe

My days have turned to nightmare, no light I can give….!

Afar from…

Fair Trade

Music: P. Sougles / Lyrics: K. Stavropoulou

Smash the time and you’ll have the perfect rhyme

Draw the line, and your life will be fine

Covered ears caress the soul

Live with fears, and you will miss the tears

Elongate your wall.

After all you can crawl….

Dressed in light the fate is asking from you

To find a sense in willing to live

And let the others make up your mind

With all your senses split apart

Change your goal, and you’ll have a peaceful fall

Move the stone, and you’ll build a blissful home

Be afraid, it’s easy to control

Don’t feel betrayed; it’s supposed to be a fair trade

Elongate your wall….

Sinkin’ Boat

Music: P. Bouras / Lyrics: K. Stavropoulou

Next to me there is a man, I thought it would be fun

To grab his hand and put it on my chest….

My heart is beating fast; I will be free at last

But either way I have this yellow vest…

It’s a dream… we may feed the blue sea

And this blue is so deep as he leans against me

And we sail like they sail, like the hundreds of souls

Bleeding into my eyes as I burst…!

My sinkin’ mind

My sinkin’ thoughts

My sinkin’ hope

My sinkin’ life…

My sinkin’ boat!

Years ago I was a child; they taught me to be kind

But they forgot to tell me about the pain

I had my home and friends; now I’ve nothing to caress

All there’s left of me is blood and flesh

It’s a dream… we won’t live though the night

And this God – I believe – he’s not dead, just asleep

I could scream, like they scream, like the hundreds of hands

Holding tight against death as I cry…!

My sinkin’ mind…

No flight today

Music/Lyrics: P. Bouras

I put on my coat, take my pass from the chair

I’m checking my bag… My dreams are still there

Put out all the rubbish. Turn the lights off

A final glimpse… I’ ready to go!

How foolish I was

Wishing to go away?

Can’t meet you babe

‘Cause there’s no flight today

There’s no flight today, there’s no flight today…..

I close the door, take off my shoes.

Your photo is on the table…. I’m losing my muse.

It’s too noisy here, I can’t concentrate.

I just need some time… to accept this fate…

How foolish I was…

I think of you standing, alone at the port

Don’t wait for me, this time it won’t be short

The torch won’t ignite, put down your hand

They’ve run out of promises… in the Promise Land

How foolish I was…

The Wolf

Music: P. Bouras / Lyrics: K. Stavropoulou

Mountain nights

Defining fear

Dreadful sights

Alone this year

Silent breeze

Above his head

The time will freeze

His fateful end

He smells the ground

To feel secure

A lightening strikes with sound

Right now he’s pure!

“In the mud” he thinks

“I feel alive!”

Deep in the existence

Craving for distance

He floats on the water and ice

His feet have grown colder

His mind’s getting older

This is his chance to be wise

His steps were wild. The snow melted beneath his bare feet. He was heading to this holy tree he had read about; a huge black evergreen that was supposed to free him of all his fears. He was approaching the limits of his strength but he was determined to tame the wild nature, make it part of his existence. Two minutes later, he could almost see the holy tree. But he was almost dead.

Frozen by awe and fear, in front of the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.  Silver white fur and a pair of yellow eyes were standing still, waiting for him to decide… His veins were filled with blood. He could almost taste it in his mouth… “Two steps behind and run”…

And suddenly the wolf smiled and its breath felt so warm and calming and real… No, he wouldn’t run... For the first time he wouldn’t run.

He would stay…. FOR GOOD!

Deep in the existence…


Music: P. Bouras / Lyrics: P. Bouras, K. Stavropoulou

Come close to see

What could you be?

Don’t be afraid

There is no chance of winning…

I know you’re nothing but me

You show me what I want to see

There’s more than one truth to be said

If not mine, I just move ahead

Don’t try to reject me, my grace will protect me

I know which reflection suits me the best

Your soul is inside me… Then try to hide me

Your fading face will paint all the rest

It’s hard to believe

I’m able to live

Bearing myself

Without their kind approval

But dear, you are touching my glass

It’s obvious that you need a chance

To admit that the image you see

Is probably what you should be

Don’t try to reject me…

Don’t let me down! Don’t let me down!

Weak as I sound, I meant to be free…

Don’t try to reject me, my grace will protect me

I know which reflection suits me the best

Your soul is inside me… don’t try to hide me

My fading face will paint all the rest

Don’t try to reject me… my grace will protect me

Don’t try to reject me… my soul is your soul

Don’t try to reject me… This fading face…

I am the reflection that suits me the best

… to live eternally

Music/Lyrics: K. Stavropoulou

Her face was pale and marked by melted shadows

Her skin was cold and shivering like an animal’s skin

Her coat was black just like her messy, long, black hair

Her wet, merciless eyes were blue-green

Her boots transferred the icy cold into her bones

Her feet kept running, jumping through the rain

The rain was after her like a curse

Her bare hands were bleeding on her purse

And then she stood and looked around the glowing darkness

The rain had stopped; the wind was whispering things…

Her heart was calm and filled with blind passion

Her brain was strong; her voice was ready to win

I want my song to flounce just like a snake

I want the poison, the wisdom and the cure

It’s not enough to change externally

I want my song to live eternally…!